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This is an exclusive 100% freshness guaranteed GSA SER verified link list, which was built by 2 GSA SER experts for their niche marketing campaigns. What we don't show is paragraph over paragraph how cool our verified link lists are. But this is going to be your final destination.

Having harnessed the power of GSA SER for over a decade, we have chosen to offer our premium verified link lists to a select group of 20 members.

Our daily activities encompass a wide range of tasks including scraping, content generation via content generators, setting up GSA campaigns, testing emails and proxies, among other things. We understand you’re likely doing the same – it’s a common practice among many of us!

On a weekly basis, we consistently produce more than 300,000 verified links from unique domains. Impressively, 60% of these links feature high-quality contextual targets enriched by AHREFS DR (A big thank you to YandexPR, MOZ, and Majestic algorithms!)

It’s important to note that our main aim isn’t exclusively to build links for sale. What sets us apart is that we operate niche websites and cater to a few local clients, hence our need for high-quality backlinks on a daily basis. This is where the convenience of GSA SER becomes evident. Consequently, we find ourselves generating top-tier GSA verified link lists week after week.

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Rich in Contextuals | Ahrefs, Majestic PR emulated links

We utilize third-party API services in conjunction with our proprietary filters to acquire high-quality links that align with the standards of Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs. The majority of these link lists are vetted for Moz’s Domain Authority/Page Authority and Majestic’s Trust Flow & Citation Flow. You have the flexibility to select a link list that best suits your specific requirements.

NO BS! What You See Is What You Get


No, we are not interested in concealing our statistics. We disclose link statistics in the list, allowing you to examine the new list’s stats and the number of links in the precise engine platform before making a purchase. Furthermore, we ensure that our domains are 100% unique and 100% live and fresh!

100% Unique Domains & Duplicate free
GSA SER verified lists we supply are devoid of duplicates, as we run Scrapebox to eliminate any repetition before exporting as .sl files. With multiple Scrapebox and Hrefers installations operating on our three dedicated servers, we achieve impressive unique domain ratios, thanks to our custom footprints. As a result, you can anticipate 100% uniqueness in each link list we provide.
No! We Are Not Really Sellers

Our goal was to excel in Google and other search engines with our niche websites, as well as a select number of client websites. As such, our GSA verified link lists have been put through extensive testing and have consistently outdone the competition. This impressive track record serves as the main driving force behind the conception of our premium GSA SER verified link lists.

Built With GSA Captcha Breaker + All Type Of Recaptcha Compatible 

We employ GSA Captcha Breaker in conjunction with secondary Xevil to tackle reCaptchas and more complex captchas. By using GSA Captcha Breaker alone or in combination with reCaptcha services like Capmonster, 2Captcha, Xevil, and others, you can extract the maximum potential from our premium list. Approximately 80% of links are verified using the GSA Captcha Breaker, so you can anticipate an incredibly high success rate!

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June-25-2024 |Premium Link List-202,273

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  • 100% GSA SER Verified Link Lists
  • Built With Captcha Breaker + Recaptcha Ready
  • Link list freshness guaranteed | 20 Limited copies per release
  • [Authority PR] Rich in Contextual links + Do follows
  • Over 60% of targets are Auto Approve
  • DEduped – Removed duplicates at domain basis
  • Comes as .sl file which readily import with GSA SER
  • Powerful verified links which we sorted with our PR emulator


Most frequent questions and answers

In accordance with your requirements, you can choose a verified list. We have supplied all the statistics you need to know before making your purchase. Each linked list is comprised of 100% unique domains, eliminating any worries about duplicates.

We utilize third-party services and emulators coupled with our unique filters to secure high-quality links that meet the standards of Google, Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs. The majority of our link lists pass the criteria for DA 8+, TF 6+, PA 8+, and CF 6+. Each link list possesses unique statistics, so please ensure to check these before you grab them.

You will receive our link lists as a .SL file, and you can import it directly to GSA SER.

Simple guide comes with the purchase. 

We gladly accept both Paypal and Cryptocurrency (BTC) for your convenience. You are free to deposit any balance into our store and make purchases at a later date. Your account balance does not expire, allowing you to use it to buy a link list whenever required. However, please note that credits are non-refundable.

Yes and no. Although we generate targets using GSA SER footprints, this list can also be used with SEnuke/RankerX /Scrapebox and other link-building tools. However, please note that these links are specifically verified and optimized for GSA SER.

Unfortunately, our distribution is restricted to 20 copies per week. Once all 20 copies have been sold, you will need to wait until the following week for the next update. Nevertheless, by subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive notifications when our upcoming fresh GSA link list is released.

BUYGSALinkLists (BGLL) and SERVerifiedLists are two distinct services offered by our SEO agency. Although they are operated by the same agency, they function in different environments to cater to diverse SEO needs.

BGLL is a service designed for those who desire a personalized link list. Clients can purchase a single, custom link list that is specifically tailored to their SEO requirements.

On the other hand, SERVerifiedLists offers a real-time link list updating service. This service provides clients with fresh and continuously updated links, available 24/7. The service was designed to meet the needs of clients who require constant link updates.

Before the inception of SERVerifiedLists’ real-time service, we were known for selling individual, one-off link lists to the GSA community. However, with the introduction of the autosync feature in SER Verified Lists, we had to discontinue the individual link list service.

Recognizing the ongoing demand for niche-based link lists, we decided to rebrand and relaunch the service as BGLL. The relaunched service now focuses on delivering targeted, niche-specific link lists to cater to the unique needs of our clients.